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u-s coast guard -3 says a leak in a uel-oil returnnllnne hat was connected to onn of the ship'' generaaors s the cause ... after tte ii hit a hot &psurffce. more hann4- thousand paasenners and ccee wereesttrnded off thh coast of mexico ffo five ays last week. the ship wass eventually towed to alabamma tturssay nnght. he -u-s coast guarr says the several months. 33 a florida man is accusee of child abuse aftee pllegedly putting bleach n his baby'' bottte. police ssy the father ... 22-yearrold carron & assinntoo ixed a cap full f -bleach with her baby formula and fed ii to her. waahington says his daughter has bbennsufferiig from - preatting ppoblems siineebirth and thought that woull help her. &p3 i was told by anooter friend of mine that iviig baby a top - of bleach,,just the top of it -3 would helppher breath a little bbtte -&pbbtte the baby is reccoering. f 3 to ten years in prison. he's being hell oo aa & p5-thhusand-dollaa bonn. 3& health offfcials are wwrnin
3 3 3 -3 3 &p stiil to cooe... increasiig love.theetop five cities for singges... across the u-s.& cronin says: "if yoo love art,, turning something bbttered into something beautiful, then you'll love it." it."trass... into treasure.the famous boarrwalk... that's taken on ee life following -3 puper storm sandyy ((break 2)) p, 3 3 more thannthree months after super storm sandyy wreaaed havoc in llog beach, new york, a local artist is battered boardwalk nto ppeces of art. joel waldman tellssus, trash is being treasuree 3beach boarrwalk... sandy had her way 3 pith it ... more than ttree monnhs ssorm strucc ...just about all the historic -3 landmark ...are these concrete stanchions.... youu 3 ... unless oo''e artist paureen cronin...cronin says: - "in the broken wooo i see long beach ffr your own personal vision of long beachh" visions offangels ... - seascapes .... cronin motivation... using the splintered, deetroyed wood create art.crrnin says: - "taking somethinggttat's -3 brooen anddddmaged anddturning into some
of seefood sold in the u-s... thatts islabeled. 3 perez: "neverragain in my life - will iieven walk arouud a cruise ship. your trrvvl -3 plans... after tte arnival triummhhdisasser.the good deals that may actually be -3 avaalable... to annone - coosidering a cruise. ((break 2)) 3 3 the very publlc and vile story pf thousandssstranded on bbard -3 a crippled cruise shhp may havv you thinking ttice about your future vacation plans. some say now's a prime time to book our ttavel. phil -3 keaaing reportss 3 3 nats: "we had to poop -3 iun a bag" it waa a nighttare at sea...naass this terribll ooor... the sanitation wass -3jjss ut of connrol" nats: "that's when ii became a floaaing petri dish" nats: "try to live in there for three minuuee and breath"a crriss liner.... viitually paralyzed after a fire on-board knocked out everything from power to plumbing. paasengers say it eventuaaly turred into a ship & of sqqalor. many of them, ssy -3 they''l never sail again. perez: never again in my life - will i even walk arrund a cruise sh
the c-d-cc... ffom 2007 to 2010 ... u-s their daily calories from fast 3 from nearly 13-percent ii 2006. the rrport also found hat african &pamericans ate ore faat foods thhn hites and hispanics. 3 ate more fast foods than seniors. 3 the b-more -healthy expo returrs to baltimore... tomorrow... saturday,,february 23rd. -3 can gee ealth állveá ennertainment... a fit &pann fun kids zone... and much much more.the b-more healthy expo startssat 10 a-m at the baltimore convention center. -3 wwell see you theee! 3 it's a hance toossep bbck in time, ann leern new facts & about oneeof our country's - most important times. -3 times. the b&o railroad museum's display on theeccvil war, hows how dangerous it waa on the rails, buu thiss & weekend, there's a new way to tell the story for he whole family. joel d. ssith is llve noo wiih more f thhoee joel d. p3 -& 3 coming up on the early edition... fghting autism wwth sppecal food. food."most ressaaraats wiil never do what i do or ever be do it." it."how a maryya
. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small.
for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service® no business too small. çi
&pmap greenspring map liberty maa 40 map 3 -3&p3 p,3 3 still to come... the u-s econnmy may be showing signs of grrwth. 3 presideet obamm pointed to... in a rrcent interview. 3&p a navy ssal ann military veteran is dead after a shootinggat a gun paage. whatt the alleged gunman said juut momentt after the shooting. 3 ((break 2)) ,3 3 &p3 &p3 two meenareeddad 3 guu range. one of theemen.... a former navy peal. the - responsible is in custody......ut thee say they are still trying to figure out 3 this tory. 3 ffrmer navy seal chris kyle & knnwn ffr his recood number of kills as a snippr... and &pfelllw veteran chad & littlefield were shot and oo theerough creek lodge ann &presort in ggen rose, texas. investigators ay aahunting police say thii man... eddie ray rouuh... took kyle's pickup trrck aad drove to hhs & his siittr that heeshot kyle & pad littlefiell. routt's siittr called police. a & pnighbor describes the sceee. they had like four shotgunsson here so i id the best
our... beyonne's u-s toor... is stopping in washington d-c. d-c. single ladies nats stay ttneed frryour chaace to - win ticcets to the shoo...
.its lithiuu-ion batteries are at the centtr of ssfety iivesttgations in the u-s and japan after fires aboard tww 7-87's.boeiig month. transparent ccll ppones... could be thinggof the future. &ptaiwan,, nveilld a ppotottpe after six years of researching is scratch and shatttr ss and resistant.the batterr ii the pnly thing that can'' bb add traasparent, so the company is workkng mmking it maller.thh company plaas to introduce the transparent hone by the end &pof the yearrtheyyare keeping the price underrwraps, bbt say it will e cheeper thhn the pppone 5. recalllng a spice... after ssme samples showed high levels of lead.áninaa internationalá voluntarily item... called áakanwu lubiá... is used mostly ii aarican uisiie as a spicc, soup thickener andda tenderrzer for meat and fish. the product was solddat stores innmaryland, irginna and to stores..iitcan be returned - chhldhood besityyis still it is one offthe tooics we'll baltiiore convention center. will see therr is the smith is streamingg ow to show phw motivation and ompetition child more active. ood &d. 3-3 the b-mor
been trayvon martin's p8th birthday. 3 the u-s postal servvie will began ffering new stamp i honor of a civil 3 leader. on what wouud have beee her 100-th bbrthday....tte posttofficer & revealeddthe "rosa parks &pforeeer stamp".....oo monday. -3 parks was arrested in --3 1155 in montgooery, alabama -3 after efusing to give up er seet for a white maa. she beeame a allyiig ppint pprkk died in 2005 at &ppae 92. -& & ccming up on hh early edition... allinn for a pollcy change... within a nationaa organizaaion. pf america forced e back intt &pthe closet with its don't ask don'' tell poliiyy" reform... that'ssreportedly reached oer oneemillion signatures. 3 ((buup in)) 3&p((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 3 ((trafffc reporter addlibs)) map 400map 115 map 395 mapp 3 3 3 3 ptill to come... identttt seasonnthh red flags thht has been compromised. p3& pi pose no harm to anyone. i &ppassee alltteir backgroundd checks. i go tt church verr suuday." & sunday."urging the boy scouts pf america... to change its - ways.the cooe of coodu
ithdrrwal ffom aaghansitan -- on immigration reform, he puuhed for a ath to in the u.s. "each of hese l - proposals eserres a vvte in congress." and on gunncontrol -- he made it clear he wants action. "the families of oak creek, and tucson, and other communities ripped open by gun violence - ttey deserre a simple vote."following the republicans' turn. loridaa senator marco rubio deliverrd his arty's message. "as yoo heard tonight, his solutiin to virtually eveey problem we more, borrow more nd spend more."prrsident obama said that nnoe of the ideas proposed innhis speech would he called a single imeewhat -3 republicans were quick to ideas carried a price tag, just yet.on capitol hill, i'' emily schmidt reporting 3&the majjrity oo eople liked the tate of the union address. according to a c-n-- poll.. 53 percent of people ho watched the resident's speech had a "positive reaction" to what he said... and only 22 percenn had a "negative response." the pope gives his final ash wednesday service at the vatica. this comme just days affer announcing that e will resign at he end offt
it baakkupp rrnning.there re cuurently 6 &ppeopll aboard the space station..wo of them are &pp3 the u-s postal service is & getting ready to deliver morr thannjust mail... 3& on tuesday... the agency pithha clothing line and accessories, callld "rain eat and snow." snow."the items will be sold 33 spring f 20144.e're tood the 3 dime o produce he line.. since it'ssbeing produced by a private company.a small percentaae of salls will go to & pelp it climb out of debt. 3 content... bbing develooed for content... being the & educational thh cassroom. 3bringgnn early edition... -3 briiging technology... into the classroom. 3 cooteet... being eveloped for 3 ,3 ,3 3& ((traffic rrpprter 3 ad libs))map greeen map lib 3 ad libs))map greebb map lib 3 3 3 ,3 still to comm... keeping fox 45... in yourrchannel line up. - up.the satellite subscribers -3 who cculddsoonnlose thee & station. 3&pan education revolution.hhww digital publishers are tryiig - toomake tteir way... into the classroom. 3((break 2)) 3 pigital texttooks will soon be the norm in ccaasroomss.. & and
a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service® no business too small. 3 3&p((buup in)) 3 ((ad lib meteooologiss)) 3 3 ((ttaffic eeorter addlibss) pappgreensprin maa 40 3 map 33 3 -3 3 -3 3 3 commng up....the orrolesshave reassn tt be optimiitic about ooe of their players comiig backkfrom injury..- injury.the play brian roberts 3 5550 from hallucination tt high lood pressure to psychotic reactioo 3 pot.the deadll consequences... 3 ((breakk2)) 3 following a fox 45 investigation last november... maryland lawmakerr are looking &pto outtaw the ssle of synnhetic marijuana.this morning... joyy lpola conttnues tt invessigate... how the sale of it has spread to the subbrbs. it's today's -3 cover uncovers -3 two deaths in carroll coonty blamed on the designer drug . . 3 p3 it's along main street... in a - quiee carrool county suburb... where our iivestigation all american own 3 culture... aa a place tt ggt high.a act... some parents and polticians mmght atter chhose to ignore..imbal 19:47:19 thhy heard aaout
repuulicans,,demmcratt, ministeess obbyisss, bbreaucrats, edia, u.s military generaas, resiients, the political scene are susceptible to this corruption. an 18th centtryycommentator &lord cton corrrctly pummarizes the iren call, 3 power corrupts absolutely". a more modern day igure, governor ohn kasich of ohio gave some advice to some young in october on theecaapaign --3 traillforrromney when he said thattits ot healtty to stay -3 in ggvernmenn forever and know your limits. gov. kassch - highlighted this point when he sppke about his careee as - chairman and hy he lefttfor the private ector after years of workiig in ashington as a poogressman in hho's 12th district. givenn he toxiccty pf pplitical ower ii washington dc, i can thiik of no better amendment to the states of amerrca than ttrmm limits. for more on ttis storr visst behind tte & eadlines dot net..and foolow 3 push in maryland 3 convvnce state lawmakerrs on fox 45 news att ive. 3 3 3 3
earlier blasts, but the device was -smaller in size and lighterr the u-s geooogical ssrveyydid - report a seismic event near 3 earrier tests. today's had a maggitude of five point one.. south korea estimatee thee blast was around six orrseven the earlier tests.north korea &precently wwrnedd t planned new nuuleer ttss and more loogg raage roccet launches.experts say thh timinggis not an after comes aheaa of of the unnin address this evening.and juss ahead of the -3 biithday of ffrmer nooth &pjong il diid in 2011 and wws 3 succeeded byyhis son kim jong &puninternationaa analyst jim tactical."tth party was ead, it wws dormant, no one cared &pabout it, now they're trying to ump it up,but his is a military first society, how do you balance all of that? i -3 think oome that's the quuetion oinggforward."in a statemmnt, president obama - called the testt highly provocative acttthat undermines reggonall stability... and warrants swwft and credible action by the international communitt. i'm ed payne repooring 3 the unitedd ations sscuriiy council
and the chaaccs of -3 it coming to the u-s. 3 fat five grams, "" 3&pand.. ssopping secrets.two ttings you can do to eat healthy without speeding a lot 3 3 3 &p 3 3 tuesdaay ebruary 199h 33 p 3 3 3 3 drivers aae seeing more paii p3 gas costs an average of 3-74 a gallon.. that's upp14 cents frommthhs time last weekk and up 355cents rom this time last month.. ww - gallon his timeelast year. year. it's hitting walletss &pright in the middle of winter -3 when home heatinn bills arr - pighest ... and many peeple have been hit itt smalllr paychecks. experts sy everythiig from rising crude oil ppices to production cuts ad refinery closings may be causing this increasee phose prices create a whole lawmakers... dealing with ways to increase trrnsportation revenue this week. week..egan gillilaan is live how much it'll cost you. 3ggod morniig guysrighh now... see 3 them go even higher... as lawmakers rev up aak about the gaa tax once again. agaii.a senatt committee iss expecced to onsider severa
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)